Would You Rather- Pregnant Edition

Well, yesterday was serious and I promised you some funny to balance it out. Should you would like to understand why so serious it is possible to catch up here and here.

Confound technology! Tantalizing us with all the possibilities of awesomeness and then whisking away our dreams in a glitch. Grrrrr.

And yes, I recognize how profound my first world problem actually is.

Thus. Something else. I’ve had these little funnies swirling around in my brain ever since its debut was made by the first round.

What? Don’t you understand what I’m talking about? Is it feasible that you simply missed my positively brilliant match? The Would You Rather Game For Parents. Yes, return and read that to gather your context.

Well anyways, it was so interesting crippling everyone together with the fear of two terrible choices that I made a decision to create a prequel, or rather, a sequel to the tournament series. Yes, there is definitely going to be a genuine sequel.

You can’t pick “neither.”

You should pick on one.

These are real matters.

I am not responsible for the stress.

There’s likely a publication out there somewhere that can be helpful should you really are troubled.

It’s better in case you own a glass of wine while you play the game.

That’s it.

1.) Would you rather be amazing, horrendously, excruciatingly nauseous for four months or feel absolutely good but be confined to bed-rest for all nine months?

2.) Can you be the most lovable preggo alive…, or rather have psychotic mood swings but only gain 25 pounds but gain 55 pounds.

Ooh. That one burns, doesn’t it?

3.) Would you rather have boobs the size of Texas but using a small milk supply, or have inverted nipples and also a milk supply that could feed a football team?

4.) Could you have hemorrhoids or heartburn …for nine months?

5.) Would you rather have nine months of sleeplessness and a baby who sleeps through the night, or nine months of a colicky baby and wonderful sleep?

6.) Could you rather have colossal ankles and swollen feet for nine months or have your feet grow two shoe sizes?

7.) Would you rather get stretch marks that look like a grizzly bear attack or varicose veins that look like Google Maps during traffic hour?

8.) Would you rather have a delivery physician who talks in the third person or a midwife who constantly lets you know that you’re doing an attractive thing about you?

9.) Can you rather your birth coach have a birth coach who is deflected by the World Series or rotten egg breath?

10.) Can you rather the on-call OB be your ex-boyfriend?


Alright. You’re all place to play. There isn’t any answer-crucial. Muahahahahahahah!

You are able to get going over here if you’ven’t taken the first test!

Unwind by picturing yourself about the best vacation cruise if you’re after playing uptight. But wait for…it’s really a possibility! Also, maybe you have seen the unbelievable “Before” images from my Sherwin Williams project? People have inquired if it was staged…it wasn’t. The big reveal is coming up but to be able to completely appreciate it you must see the BEFORE!